We can make any kind of urethane products such
as solid form, soft/hard foam, elastomer, etc.

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Automobile Outer Parts  - Urethane RIM Forming -

The products are strong with high heat resistance and impact resistance due to high fluidity during forming process.

Automobile Inner Parts  - Rigid Foamed Urethane -

As rigid foamed urethane has such propeties as strength, durability and low density, it is used for instrument panels, door trim, etc in place of ABS and olefin. It is possible to adjust reactivity and density according to its use.

Instrument panel with duct

The base of instrument panel
(Rigid foamed urethane)

Instrument panel cover

Construction Machine Parts  - Urethaneurea RIM forming -

Urethaneurea is tougher and more heat resistant than urethane.

Grille made of urethaneurea
・Easy to maintenance due to
 larger opening

Parts made by Integral Forming

Integral forming is a urethane forming which enables to make a product with duarable surface and cushioned core at one forming process.

Arm rest for construction machine

Arm rest for construction machine

Handle for medical equipment

Leisure Goods  - Rigid Foamed Urethane -

  • We will continue to develop the manufacturing technology to protect environment by utilizing our knowledge and know-how to form foamed urethane products.
  • This forming technology can be applied to not only marine leisure goods but also other urethane products.
Plant-derived polyol

Technology to form plant-derived
urethane contributes to recycling society.
Petroleum-derived polyol

We can form urethane in various methods to your request.
Please feel free to ask us.
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